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Did you know that several oral health care treatments can be used to help correct spacing issues or misalignments in your teeth? These treatment systems comprise a field of dentistry known as orthodontics. Orthodontics can apply several different benefits and treatments to ensure that teeth that have been damaged over time due to misalignments and bad bites can be corrected.

Due to the sheer number of alignments and oral health risks that can arise due to teeth not being in the correct alignment, why wouldn’t you want an orthodontic treatment? You could suffer from an increased risk of injuries, TMJ disorders, fractures, enamel wear, tooth decay and gum disease simply by not having teeth straightened. Correct these issues with an orthodontic treatment.

Aligners, retainers and braces are all varieties of orthodontic treatments. In some cases, orthodontic alignment systems can be used that are clear and even removable. If you have any issues with your teeth that you may not be aware of, a visit to your orthodontist may help you correct long-standing problems that you were unaware of.

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