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Are your teeth in need of immediate orthodontic care? If you have any extreme malocclusions or misalignments with your smile, it can affect the function of your teeth and jaw in all the functions required of it. Misaligned teeth can make eating, chewing, and even speaking more difficult. Save your smile and all the benefits that come with it with orthodontic care such as braces to get you back on the pathway to a straight smile.

Often with crooked teeth, you may find yourself with various aches and pains, or increased tooth sensitivity. This is because the likelihood of your teeth grinding or rubbing together is much higher. This can lead to increased dangers such as bruxism or even temporomandibular disorders within your jaw. Orthodontic braces seek to align your smile so your teeth will not incorrectly rub against one another.

With a straight smile, not only will you smile function better, but it will also look drastically better. Orthodontic braces can offer you a smile makeover that can drastically improve your self-esteem and boost your self-image. With a straight smile, you will find yourself smiling much more often.

If you would like to schedule a orthodontic treatment session at Dieguez Smiles, simply call our orthodontic office in Birmingham, Alabama, at our number 205-980-4744. Dr. Bertha Dieguez and our entire team look forward to making your smile shine!