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If you are investing time and money to straighten your smile with braces, you will want to take good care of your oral appliance as well as your teeth and gums. As your teeth shift into alignment during treatment, you will want to make sure that you don’t damage your braces and delay treatment time unintentionally. Our orthodontist, Dr. Bertha Dieguez is happy to help you protect your smile in braces by being mindful as you wear them.

Mindfulness Tip #1 Caring for your teeth as you align your align them in braces means brushing and flossing after eating to remove bacteria and food particles which can get stuck in your appliance. If don’t remove this debris, you will be courting tooth decay and gum disease.

Mindfulness Tip #2 To keep your smile and your braces safe, please don’t eat foods that can harm your oral appliance. Foods to avoid are any kinds of sticky, hard foods which can damage or break your oral hardware. These include toffee, caramel, gum, and popcorn.

Mindfulness Tip #3 An important way to protect your braces when you eat is by chewing in the back of your mouth with your molars. These back teeth are specifically designed to break down your food. If you should bite your food using the front teeth, you can pull the brackets off of your teeth or damage the wire. Simply cut your food into smaller morsels and masticate them using your molars.

Keeping your mouth and your braces safe isn’t difficult when you are mindful of your needs. If you have any concerns about your smile in braces, please don’t hesitate to give our Dieguez Smiles team in Birmingham, Alabama, a call at 205-980-4744.