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The secret to effective orthodontic brace treatment includes keeping them clean whenever possible. Care for your braces so they can care for your smile. If you need help cleaning braces, speak with your orthodontist about approved orthodontic cleaning tools.

Standard dental tools should still be used on a daily basis to keep your smile healthy. This includes brushing twice daily and flossing every day. If traditional dental floss cannot be used, switch to alternative treatments such as water flossers. If for any reason the braces should fail, do not attempt to fix them, but instead cover them with a dental wax until professional orthodontic treatments can be given.

Orthodontic braces are not mouth guards and should never be counted on to protect and shield your teeth. If you participate in high-risk activities, continue to wear the appropriate safety equipment including mouth guards and face masks. For additional care, avoid chewy and sticky foods, and any type of product that can easily get stuck or dislodged within your braces. This includes chewy candies, various types of nuts, and hard candies and lollipops.

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