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When most people think about braces, they think about gawky teenagers embarrassed to show their smiles. While that may be the common, pop-culture view that many people have, it is far from the ideal. Braces are actually most useful at earlier stages of oral development. In fact, it’s best to bring your children into Dieguez Smiles for an orthodontic exam by the time they turn 7.

By the age of 7, all of their primary teeth are in an their secondary adult teeth will begin erupting. If there are developmental problems, this is the perfect time to begin watching and correcting them.

There are many developmental issues that can manifest as early as age 7, and orthodontic correction can ensure their teeth and jaws grow in functional, healthy ways. If you wait until the teenage years, the jaw bones have grown strong and can be harder to correct.

However, if you begin guiding the growth of the jaw and the eruption of the permanent teeth from a young age, you can avoid those difficulties and provide your child a whole life of a healthy, functional teeth with no embarrassing braces period as a teen.

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