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At Dieguez Smiles, we understand that it is a long-awaited sensation to feel your smooth, brace-less smile after your orthodontic treatment has finished. For this reason and many others, getting your braces off is a moment of dental freedom! So, with your orthodontic care at Dieguez Smiles, we help your smile become aligned, perfectly functional and absolutely beautiful.

The first step in properly caring for your new smile is determining which retainer is going to best fit your dental needs. Dr. Bertha Dieguez is able to provide you with a variety of retainer types, such as a Hawley retainer, a permanent retainer or a clear aligner kind of retainer. Regardless of which kind you receive, it is important to follow all instructions on wearing and caring for your new appliance.

It may seem as though you’ll never have to step into a dental office again after having braces, but that is far from true. In addition to wearing a retainer, you’ll need to maintain regular office visits for dental checkups. You should also check in with our dentist to ensure your retainer is functioning as its designed to.

It can feel annoying or unnecessary to wear a retainer, but it is vital to establishing the newly positioned structure of your teeth. For more information and to arrange a visit at our dental office in Birmingham, Alabama, please get in touch with our team at 205-980-4744. We hope to hear from you soon.