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Our "Walkway" service allows Dieguez Smiles Employees to walk to your child's school and check them out and back in for their orthodontic appointments. This allows your child to miss as little school as possible and make it more convenient for you, the parent, as well. Just asK Holli for the check out form and turn it in to the schools front desk.

There are a number of common orthodontic issues that our orthodontist can treat. Usually, these problems come in the form of malocclusion, or bad bites, or misaligned teeth. When Dr. Bertha Dieguez evaluates your teeth, she will determine what, if any, of these problems you may be facing, and will create a treatment plan to correct these orthodontic issues and improve your smile. For more information on common orthodontic issues in Birmingham, Alabama, and to make your appointment at Dieguez Smiles, please contact our office at 205-980-4744.

Crowded Teeth
Crowded teeth are when the teeth are packed too closely together, overlapping or becoming crooked as a result. This problem can usually be corrected by braces.

Open Bite
An open bite is when the front teeth do not meet. This can sometimes be caused by habitual thumb-sucking. Open bites can be corrected through the use of braces, and by special appliances.

Deep Overbite
A deep overbite is when the lower front teeth bite into the palate. Treatment for this orthodontic problem usually involves both braces and jaw surgery in adults, though teenagers can often correct this bad bite without surgery.

Missing Lateral Incisors
If a patient’s lateral incisors are missing, our orthodontist may recommend braces to move the remaining teeth into their correct positions, and then a dental bridge or other restorative treatment to close the gaps between the teeth.

An underbite is when the lower front teeth are in front of the upper teeth. This bite problem can cause jaw joint discomfort and excessive wear to the teeth. Treatments for underbites may include removable appliances and braces.

Spacing of Teeth
Occasionally, teeth may have excessive space between them. This orthodontic problem is easily fixed through braces. After treatment, special glued-in retainers help teeth to maintain their positions.

Overjets, or protruding front teeth, can be corrected through several different treatments, including alignment of the teeth and bite, and treatments to help jaws grow correctly

Non-Braces Treatment
Sometimes orthodontic problems do not require braces to correct. Our practice provides several non-braces treatments to help straighten teeth and resolve other orthodontic issues.

Phase One
Phase One orthodontic treatment involves the use of palatal expanders and partial braces, among other things. This treatment is typically provided to young children after permanent teeth begin to erupt.

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