PARENTS of Oak Mountain Elementary and Middle School
Our "Walkway" service allows Dieguez Smiles Employees to walk to your child's school and check them out and back in for their orthodontic appointments. This allows your child to miss as little school as possible and make it more convenient for you, the parent, as well. Just asK Holli for the check out form and turn it in to the schools front desk.

Dieguez Smiles features Insignia™ technology to help correct your misaligned teeth. This cutting-edge orthodontic treatment can help you achieve a beautiful smile in less time and with more customization than traditional braces. Dr. Bertha Dieguez is certified to provide Insignia treatments in Birmingham, Alabama. Call us at 205-980-4744 today to learn more about Insignia and to schedule your appointment with our talented orthodontist!

Insignia™ is a new orthodontic treatment that relies on an interactive software system. The Insignia system allows our orthodontist to create a beautiful, unique smile. Insignia is the only system that delivers a complete orthodontic solution. From patient-specific brackets to custom wires, it can make your treatment not only manageable, but exceptional.

When you begin your treatment, the Insignia software will use virtual 3D imaging to create a model of your mouth. Using this digital model. Our orthodontist will analyze the most effective and efficient way to help you achieve your personal perfect smile. When we have created your treatment plan, custom-made archwires will be placed in your mouth, guiding your teeth into the correct positions smoothly and directly, with only minimal adjustments, meaning fewer visits to our office and a reduced treatment time.

Benefits of Insignia system include:

  • 100% personalized treatment results
  • Reduced treatment time
  • Precise bracket placements
  • Predictable treatment outcomes
  • Custom archwires for efficient tooth movement
  • Fewer scheduled appointments
  • Braces that are created just for you

We invite you to contact our office for more information on Insignia and to schedule your consultation with our orthodontist.

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