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Overbites, which belong to a category of jaw misalignments called malocclusions, can occur for a few reasons. We do not list them all, but what we present here may help you keep your children from developing them.

Thumb sucking, mouth breathing and even sucking on a baby bottle have the potential to lead to overbites, more particularly if they happen habitually and for long periods of time. A child’s body is still developing, and the jaw is more susceptible to being pulled out of alignment, which is how these apparently simple things can urge the jaw to develop an overbite or other misalignment.

Now please do not misunderstand. Using a bottle to feed your baby is not a bad thing. The problem can occur if it goes on for far longer than it should. As long as you are careful there, you should be okay. Helping your child to break the habits of thumb sucking and mouth breathing can also help them avoid an overbite.

If an overbite develops anyway, then do not worry. An issue that is not really in your control can come into play, and that is genetics. Genes can just lead to a flaw in designs of a jaw. This should be no cause for concern. Whether the cause is genetics, a bad habit or something else, an overbite can be corrected.

If your children have developed or are developing malocclusions, or if you have a malocclusion, we offer treatments here at Dieguez Smiles in Birmingham, Alabama, that can bring the teeth into their proper alignment. Our dentist, Dr. Bertha Dieguez, can figure out the best way to help you and your children. To set up an appointment, please call us at 205-980-4744.