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You have many options to choose from when it comes to orthodontics and straightening your teeth. There are considerations to think about, concerning each type of aligners, such as treatment time, cost, comfort, safety, and aesthetics, and whether your particular situation is amenable to ceramic braces.   

At the office of Dieguez Smiles, we offer ceramic braces, which work in the same manner as traditional braces, except for the brackets, which are made from a clear, transparent ceramic material. The advantage of ceramic braces in Birmingham, Alabama, include less visibility, removable, to allow for eating, brushing, and flossing, increase in confidence, and oral health improvement.

You may wonder how ceramic braces differ from traditional braces. Aside from the fact, there is no metal to contend with, ceramic braces are more comfortable and reduce the chances of traumatic wear, resulting from teeth not fitting correctly together. Clear brackets are originally made of monocrystalline sapphire, and made from ceramic composite. They are an attractive alternative to traditional metal braces because they can blend in with your own tooth color.

Ceramic braces are also stronger and don’t fall off or crack easily, which makes them a good option for adult teeth. There are some stipulations the dentist may put on patients, to ensure they’re a good candidate for clear braces, including advantages and disadvantages.

Dr. Bertha Dieguez can review your situation and goals for a straighter smile, so we invite to contact us at 205-980-4744. We are happy to book your appointment with the orthodontist for ceramic braces in Birmingham, Alabama.