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Braces are so common today that it’s hardly possible you don’t know someone who has had them. It is one of the most common dental treatments to align teeth and make people feel happy about their smile again. Getting braces has an amazing effect on the lives of the people who receive them. From self-confidence, to fixing potential problems down the road, the results are numerous. Not only do braces straighten out someone’s smile, they also fix a variety of oral problems.

Of course, we all know that braces correct crooked teeth, but they can also fix misaligned bites. They can fix overbites and structural issues that even make it hard to speak or eat for some people. In young children, they are amazing for fixing issues that have to do with development before they become a huge problem. Because of this, children are able to grow up with healthy teeth and jaw alignment, as well as self confidence in their smile.

All of the positive benefits leave no doubt in why they are used so often, and why there are so many different kinds of braces on the internet. Recent changes in many types of braces configurations have only added options so that many more people have the option to get them. Some available forms of braces are below:

Traditional Metal Braces:
These are the braces you see on children mostly when you are growing up, they are the most common form of braces, and easiest to take care of for the younger generation due to the more permanent nature of them. These are also used most often because they have the greatest potential to correct problems.

Ceramic Braces:
These are almost identical to the metal braces, and even use the brackets and wires that we’re used to seeing with the traditional ones. The main difference here is that the visual impact on someone’s appearance is lessened greatly and may be more desirable to some.

Clear Plastic Braces:
If you’ve watched TV lately, you’ve probably seen commercials for Invisalign® or ClearCorrect®. These are more commonly used in adults and are clear, removable plastic trays that, over time, nudge your teeth into the places they should be. They are not as powerful as the above options, but they are convenient and discreet.

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