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Do you have new braces? Good for you! If you had allowed your uncorrected alignment issues to go without treatment, you would create several different issues. Besides an unappealing smile, you may also experience excess wear and tear on your tooth enamel and even an increased chance of suffering multiple dental fractures.

Having braces installed on your teeth at Dieguez Smiles is just the first step in preventing these issues. Once the brackets have been adhered to the faces of your teeth and linked to its wires, routine adjustments will be required for them to do their job. Each adjustment is designed to apply tension to your teeth and bring them one step closer to their ideal alignment.

Dr. Bertha Dieguez will schedule these adjustments four to six weeks apart from each other. The time in between will allow your teeth to gradually adjust to their new positions. If you have an upcoming scheduling conflict with an adjustment session, please call us to set up an alternate appointment as soon as possible.

Should you find that an element of your braces are giving you difficulties in your oral hygiene routine, feel free to ask Dr. Bertha Dieguez for advice.

If you’ve had braces installed here at Dieguez Smiles in Birmingham, Alabama, and need to book your next appointment for either a checkup or emergency, call 205-980-4744. Dr. Bertha Dieguez and her team will be happy to assist you with your dental needs.